We can safely say there are two main factors involved in the telecom industry’s digital awakening. But which one is the primary driver; the main catalyst for change? Well, that’s a chicken or egg kind of question. Consider the two factors:

Mobile Working

Forbes shows “all signs indicate that we are nowhere close to hitting the plateau” when it comes to working remotely. “Businesses across public and private sector increasingly recognize the benefits of hiring and retaining remote workers.” Not only are companies allowing employees the flexibility to work from home (or anywhere else), but they are building that flexibility into job descriptions from the jump.

Adoption of Cloud Technologies

What makes remote working possible? Cloud computing! Are powerful cloud applications the precursor to the remote working boom? Maybe. Or maybe attention to creating better and better cloud technology is being propelled by the increase in demand to be able to do anything from anywhere.

The technology that makes it all happen: Unified Communications as a Service

Remote work is made possible when all cloud communications are brought together under the umbrella of Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). Unified Communication provides real-time access to phone communications, data sharing, conferencing, messaging, and more from a variety of devices while allowing every executive and team member to move seamlessly between them. By bundling these services, businesses gain opportunities of scale and can optimize productivity across all business operations.  With UCaaS, both small and large companies can achieve cost savings and productivity benefits from a variety of cloud service options.

But back to the main question. What is driving the digital transformation of telecom? Not only is it hard to pinpoint the singular driving force, it is almost impossible to separate the two (mobile working and cloud technologies). Each relies on and builds up momentum for the other. The one thing that is extremely clear: Telecom is moving further and further into the digital world at full force. And we’re not going back.

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