P2CM helped my company move from an on-premises multi-site phone system to a Microsoft Teams Phone System using Masergy as the direct routing provider. This helped to eliminate our costly on-prem infrastructure and numerous dedicated PSTN services at our offices to better support an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce.  We were also able to build and customize the call flow in Microsoft Teams and have everything tested prior to the data of cutover. Masergy ported all of our phone numbers from existing carriers to the Masergy service and we were up and running. P2CM and Masergy are knowledgeable, responsive and flexible. We could not have asked for better partners during this transition. The new phone system is a perfect and natural fit for our environment and we are very happy with the result.

—IT Director, Matrix Technologies, Inc.

I just wanted to extend a special thank you to P2CM for their help with Verizon. After banging my head against the wall for months to get this ONE NUMBER settled, they were able to speak to Verizon and get more information about what was going on and what the holdups were. They were able to obtain port order numbers from Verizon with dates so we could provide them to our contacts at Verizon to get the port completed.

As challenging Verizon was during the SIP and porting process, working with P2CM has been great!


—IT Systems Engineer, American College of Radiology

When it comes to running the gauntlet of Technology solutions, P2CM is always there for me to bridge the gap between my organization and the ever-dynamic tech industry. 


From simply consulting about UCaaS solutions to guidance in Cybersecurity solutions, P2CM has been like the angel over my shoulder when things get down to the wire. P2CM has provided me with quality consulting with a very dedicated, personable, and available staff that are always just a phone call away. In doing so, P2CM has become an indispensable resource, not just for sound business technology but also for a sound mind.

Information Technology Manager, Affiliated Santé Group

I wanted to take a minute and thank your team at P2CM. We are finally fully up and running and we love our UCaaS phone system.

 The quality is great, the dashboard is one of the best administrative UI’s I’ve ever seen, and the transition for the agent and staff was seamless. What few issues we’ve had along the way have been handled quickly and professionally. P2CM have been superstars in handling the very complicated conversion (and a few of my moments of anxiety) and have been awesome at patiently answering my questions quickly. The whole process was entirely less stressful and difficult than I had anticipated. I’m thankful for all the hard work that has gone into getting us up and running!


Executive Vice President, Coldwell Banker Elite


It is with great pleasure that I wholeheartedly write this recommendation for P2CM. I was an IT Manager that started at a new company and my #1 priority was to move into a new location by Nov. 1st. I had a lot of work ahead of me. In the first two weeks of my job, I met with P2CM. I had another broker working with me, but he didn’t seem to be as knowledgeable of my requirements. I selected P2CM as my technology resource, and that was the best decision I made throughout this project. They spoke with me daily and met with me weekly to work on any and all deliverables to bring in 3rd party vendors. Although, this was not an easy task (since I was very new), P2CM continued to work with and help me identify the appropriate vendors for my move. Everyone at P2CM was enthusiastic, resourceful and available for questions (day or night). With their help, our building has exceeded our wildest dreams! I am confident in recommending the P2CM team. They offered an impressive knowledge of IT, Internet and VoIP vendors while maintaining the utmost integrity and professionalism. Their commitment to excellence and ability to understand my IT needs inspired confidence to be successful in our move.


Director of Information Technology, New America Foundation

johnmarshallbankAs the Senior VP of Information Technology for John Marshall Bank, my team and I turn to P2CM for their professionalism, vast knowledge and exemplary reputation.  They always respond promptly to our inquiries, and even assist us with issues that may not be under their “umbrella.”  They regularly demonstrate that they have our best interest at heart.  P2CM has been a great Partner, and we look forward to working with them in the future. They are “Money in the Bank” for us.

— SVP- Information Technology Director & ISO, John Marshall Bank


Over the years, P2CM has been instrumental in assisting CUMA with our technology needs. From our move to helping us renegotiate all of our carrier contracts, P2CM is always there to support us and provide us with the best options available. Thank you for always being responsive and providing such outstanding service. I’m looking forward to many more years of our partnership with P2CM.


 President & CEO, Credit Union Mortgage Association

freshfieldsP2CM is the kind of company anyone would like doing business with.  They say what they mean, and mean what they say.  Their attention to detail with respect to our communication service is spot on.  As a client, they make everything easy for us. They analyzed our inventory and spending, provided us with solid choices to optimize our services, and represented us with carriers to bring us the solution we agreed upon. Finally, they oversaw the installation to a successful completion and continue to manage our services to make sure everything is running smoothly. P2CM saved our firm a lot of time and money.  The old adage of ‘experience matters’ is certainly evident in everything P2CM does for our firm.  I would highly recommend their service!

— Director of Information Technology, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP


Who doesn’t want an email answered immediately? Attentiveness, professionalism, depth of knowledge, and good folks; that is what P2 is to AALU. I turn to P2 as a vital resource for all my technology needs, ranging from voice to data services. I truly feel that they are an integral part of my team, and I have yet to be disappointed!

 Director of Operations, The Association for Advanced Life Underwriting

lmgManaging an IT Staff that supports more than 250 doctors and 105 medical facilities, our day to day IT ‘to do’ list can be challenging to say the least.  P2CM has been a great resource for us for all things telecom related.  When we need high speed data connectivity, digital or IP based voice circuits, VoIP phone solutions or just plain old telephone lines, P2CM saves us time and money as well as one point of contact for handling it all.  Their staff is responsive, knowledgeable and very professional.  Their experience in dealing with the telecom providers adds tremendous value to our IT team.  We appreciate all they do for us!

 Director of Information Technology, Loudoun Medical Group

richard-lillyI am very pleased with the service I receive from P2 Communications. They always get back to me as soon as possible and are willing to help with anything. I don’t have to wait for a response and if there’s nothing they cannot do, they will connect us to person who can get the job done.  Thanks for the wonderful service.

 Office Manager, Wcal Case Manager, J. Richard Lilly, M.D & Associates

aspenAs a small non-profit with limited IT resources, P2CM has been instrumental in helping us manage our telephony and internet services. Their support team enables us to get better access to our telecom providers and faster resolutions to our issues. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organization. Thank you for all that you do for us.

 Chief Operating Officer, American Society for Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition

miller&longP2CM was instrumental in helping us build a complete I.T. infrastructure for a new remote office. You provided vendors with hosted services that were deployed efficiently and on time. P2CM saved our I.T. department valuable time that we needed to maintain our business continuity.

 VP Information Systems, Miller & Long Co., Inc.

freshdirectP2CM helped our organization make better cost savings and revenue generating decisions with our Technology environment. They know what they are doing and we view them as a strategic partner regarding all of our Technology Services needs.

 Director of Technology, Freshdirect

marcomYou are the very best!! You are always there to respond when we have these quirky problems. You go the extra mile to have a satisfied customer. We sincerely appreciate all you do.

 Office Manager, MarCom Group, Inc.


It has been a pleasure working with P2CM for the last 16+ years. We are an A+ Real Estate company and P2CM enables us to maintain our standards for excellence in technology services, while minimizing the associated costs. We greatly appreciate your recommendations and benefit a great deal from your experience and working relationships with the various technology suppliers. Everything from new services to handling issues related to both billing and service, P2CM has been fantastic!


 Chief Technology Officer, Akridge


I just wanted to thank you for assisting Metropolitan ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery’s transition to a new phone solution. The time we saved by having you compare and evaluate different voice solution suppliers and assisting us with recommendations was invaluable! Your solution now allows us to receive more calls and track our incoming call volume in order to staff our call center appropriately. As a result, we’ve picked up more patients and provide our patients with a better customer experience. As you know, phones are the lifeblood of any Medical Practice and P2 Communications Management made implementing our new phone solution much easier than we expected.


— Administrator, Metropolitan ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery

cgsP2cm’s comprehensive view of the marketplace and ability to work with premium telecom providers has been a valuable asset to us. Your assistance in analyzing our requirements, making recommendations and managing the conversion process was second to none. We appreciate all of your help here at the Council of Graduate Schools and are looking forward to our continued partnership.

— Director of Finance & Administration, Council of Graduate Schools

ibelongI want to thank you so much for assisting iBelong Networks with our move. As you know, moving is never fun and I didn’t have a lot of time to meet with multiple phone vendors to find the best deal. You all were fantastic at securing a great deal for our Local, Long Distance and Internet T-1 services. What was most impressive to us was the fact you were able to get the services installed and working in 2 weeks without us having to order temporary services!!

iBelong Networks

3001-venturesBy working directly with our phone system vendor, you were able to assist me in devising a brand new network architecture that consisted of Local & Long Distance Voice Services, Private IP MPLS Data Networking and High Speed Public Internet Access for all of our sites. In addition, working with P2 Communications Management allows us to implement the right solutions with the right technologies that ultimately drive our business. Being a company on the move that is adding locations frequently, you will continue to be a valuable resource for all of our Voice and Data needs. Thank you for all that you do!

— Director of Information Technology, 3001, Inc.

P2 Communications Management is simply the best. I view them as my personal off-premise communications department. They save me time and money, allowing me to focus my attention where it should be which is on my clients. No matter what time of day or night, P2 is always open for my law firm.

— Kathleen Waterman, Founder and Attorney, the Law Offices of Kathleen C. Waterman

aapaI have worked with the P2 Communications team on two major office build-outs and subsequent communication upgrades. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and provides unparalleled guidance and information. Their plan to have redundant back-up systems allowed us to move forward with our office move, when the primary provider fell through at the last minute—saving the organization thousands of dollars.

— Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, American Academy of Physician Assistants

gillilandI had P2 Communications review my telephone and internet services to see if they could help me find a faster internet connection that did not cost too much more then I was currently paying. They were able to get me a deal that tripled the speed of my internet, gave me all of the same features as my current phone service, and did not cost me a penny more than I was currently paying. P2 clearly has a high level of knowledge and experience with voice and data services. Additionally, whenever I have had any issues with a service provider, P2 has promptly assisted with getting the issues addressed. I have been very pleased with P2 and would highly recommend them to anyone for voice and data telecommunications services.

— President, Gilliland & Associates, PC

P2 audited all of our voice and data invoices, secured us an incredible rate with new carriers, worked with us to keep the


 transition smooth, and whenever we had an issue, they were there to get the carriers in line with our expectations. We never would have gotten this done on our own. Our experience with P2CM was fantastic.


— Office Services Assistant, CropLife America

moses-singerThe P2 Communications team is fantastic! They are very responsive and thorough in their efforts. You can easily get spoiled with the level of service they provide and advice they offer. Keep up the great work.

— Senior Manager of Information Technology, Moses & Singer

harvey-hottelI would like to thank you and P2 Communications Management for a thorough job in reviewing our current Voice and Data Telecom services. You did a fantastic job in your analysis and provided us quality options to choose from. The savings and the service are great! We are very happy and look forward to a long and successful relationship.

— President, Harvey Hottel, Inc.

morganAs I am in the process of expanding my company–moving the headquarters from Upper Montclair, New Jersey to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I realized I needed to get a more efficient and professional phone system. I had no idea where to start and so I reached out to P2 Communications Management (P2CM). After a few insightful questions, they proposed services that would meet exactly what I needed–the ability for my team in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina to be reached from a central number and for all of us to be able to communicate internally more easily and at an excellent price! But they did not stop there. Every step of the way–from working with the project manager, ensuring the technician knew exactly what was needed as well as making sure I had all the numbers I needed and how they would be used, P2CM was involved. The P2CM team are valuable experts on anything telecom related and have one of the most outstanding customer service attitudes I have ever experienced.

— Founder & President, Morgan Business Solutions

asthoI want to thank P2 Communications Management for working with ASTHO during our move. You did a fantastic job evaluating our Voice and Data services as well as providing multiple Carrier options that best fit our needs. Dealing with Phone Companies is never easy and you were able to simplify the process which allowed us to choose the right carrier at the most competitive price. Thank you for providing a great service that saves us time and money! We look forward to a long and successful relationship with P2CM.

— Chief Operating Officer, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials


I want to thank P2 Communications Management for everything you’ve done to assist us with our new Communications Services. You did a great job of analyzing all of our invoices and making it simple for us to understand all the charges. You even found charges on one of our invoices that didn’t belong to the AHCA! Your knowledge and experience allowed you to negotiate the best pricing, terms and conditions as well as successfully manage the installation of our new technology services. I also would like to thank you for your recommendation of our new VoIP Phone System. We are now enjoying the benefits and efficiencies. The American Health Care Association sincerely appreciates the value P2CM offers and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.


— Chief Information Officer, American Health Care Association

chadbourneP2 Communications Management is simply the best at what they do. I view P2cm as an extension of my communications staff. They save me time and money, allowing me to focus my attention where it should be which is on my internal and external clients.

— Director of Telecom, Chadbourne & Parke LLP


I want to thank you again for all your technology advice and recommendations and your recent help regarding our outbound calling issue to the 703 area code. I very much appreciate P2 pushing to get the issue identified and resolved. Because of your attention to this matter, I did not spend hours trying to figure it out and was able to resolve other issues, which in the end allowed me to visit my son without the worries of the phones not working. You honestly do not know how much that meant to me.


— Senior Manager, Information Systems, National Beer Wholesalers Association