We make sure that your organization is getting the most value from its telecom providers.

laptop_bbCarl and Dan Pavolic founded P2 Communications Management, LLC (P2CM) in 2006 to help business clients select and manage their telecommunications solutions and provide non-bias choice from top carriers worldwide. P2CM operates as an offsite advisory, brokerage and management firm, complementing our clients’ internal IT personnel or IT department.

On behalf of clients, P2CM leverages its industry relationships and experience to source, engineer, optimize and manage telecom solutions and applications that drive revenue and overall business performance. The more your business relies on communications, the more important it is to have an experienced and trusted advocate at your side to make sure your network design, service mix, service quality, applications, pricing and customer service are at optimum levels.

P2CM brings your business effortless, reliable and affordable telecommunications solutions on a project or ongoing management basis.

aaluIt’s 2015 and who doesn’t want an email answered immediately?  Attentiveness, professionalism, depth of knowledge, and good folks; that is what P2 is to AALU.  I turn to P2 as a vital resource for all my telecom needs, ranging from voice to conference calling services.  I truly feel that they are an integral part of my team, and I have yet to be disappointed!


 Director of Operations, The Association for Advanced Life Underwriting