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two_computerTechnology has shifted the perception of how we conduct business and how we communicate with both staff and clients. Business is more global than ever with the Internet and social media making it possible for even small organizations to extend their reach worldwide. Companies are instituting telecommuting policies and many employees work remotely. As a result, employers are turning to technology and conferencing for effective communication in a mobile world.

When choosing a conferencing provider, you’ll want to consider user interfaces, features, flexibility, recording and archiving services, and billing platforms. Whether you are establishing these services for the first time or need to revisit your existing contract, P2CM is dedicated to negotiating the lowest rates and best services for our clients.

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Audio conferencing has a great potential for multiple people to engage in a group discussion over the phone. It is easy to use since it takes advantage of a technology that is relatively familiar to all of us.


Web conferencing is a good way to unite offices or departments and is ideal when there’s a large group to be addressed for events such as a training, town hall meetings and webinars. One of the most important advantages of web conferencing is desktop and application sharing.


Video conferencing is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting. Countless studies have shown that the large majority of communication is nonverbal, so sometimes a phone call is just not good enough. Video conferencing essentially puts everyone in the same room at the same time with the accountability of having to be present and aware of everything going on.

aaluIt’s 2015 and who doesn’t want an email answered immediately?  Attentiveness, professionalism, depth of knowledge, and good folks; that is what P2 is to AALU.  I turn to P2 as a vital resource for all my telecom needs, ranging from voice to conference calling services.  I truly feel that they are an integral part of my team, and I have yet to be disappointed!


 Director of Operations, The Association for Advanced Life Underwriting

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