Hosted VoIP Systems

Establish business continuity across multiple locations

laptop_plansFor many P2CM clients, a Hosted VoIP System saves a significant amount of money over a premise based phone system. This type of system is installed and managed by the Hosted VoIP provider at a secure Data Center facility and the features are typically delivered to you via a Private or Public IP connection.

Only a minimal capital expense is required and you are not locked into an asset with a long depreciation cycle. You will simply have a low cost monthly expense for IP-enabled telephones to support VoIP service and features. Plus, you can take advantage of a complete package that will include your IP phones and unlimited calling plans at flat rated offerings for predictable cost management.

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Other benefits include:

  1. Major Cost Savings – In addition to saving on your phone bill, you may see savings in the areas of IT infrastructure & personnel. You will require less manpower than it does to run and maintain a premise based PBX phone system and technical trouble shooting is typically taken care of remotely.
  2. Seamless Scalability – You may open new business branches without creating any additional physical infrastructure for telecommunications. Hosted VoIP is very flexible for supporting branch offices, remote workers, and new sites as the business expands. All that is needed is to add handsets and solid internet connectivity when setting up a new office or adding more locations to your network.
  3. Improved Image and First Impressions – Numerous extensions can be maintained from an existing telephone connection and a business can be expanded easily without making any additional investments. Most Hosted VoIP solutions are integrated with an array of stylish call handling features like auto attendant, call conferencing, voicemail, voice to email, fax to email, caller ID, call forwarding and much more. Incoming calls are received by the auto attendant with appropriate salutation messages, and to connect calls to the exact extensions, callers are provided with a menu of options such as dial-by-name, dial-by-extension and so on.
  4. Reliable Service and Backup – Regardless of how busy your phone lines get, Hosted VoIP always works. Your customers and employees will always be able to get dial tone, and they’ll never get a busy signal, even during peak periods. Business continuity is a core element of Hosted VoIP, as the network services are housed in rock solid data centers with disaster recovery, a capability that no premises–based system can provide. In the event of a natural disaster or malicious network attacks, your messages and directories are never lost, and the business can carry on under all conditions.
  5. Automatic Technology Updates – With Hosted VoIP you will always have the latest features and services, and will never need to worry about implementing upgrades to keep pace with technological advancements.

lmgManaging an IT Staff that supports more than 250 doctors and 105 medical facilities, our day to day IT ‘to do’ list can be challenging to say the least.  P2CM has been a great resource for us for all things telecom related.  When we need high speed data connectivity, digital or IP based voice circuits, VoIP phone solutions or just plain old telephone lines, P2CM saves us time and money as well as one point of contact for handling it all.  Their staff is responsive, knowledgeable and very professional.  Their experience in dealing with the telecom providers adds tremendous value to our IT team.  We appreciate all they do for us!


 Director of Information Technology, Loudoun Medical Group

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