Who is P2CM?

P2 Communications Management, LLC (P2CM) was founded in 2006 to help business clients select and manage their telecommunications solutions and provide non-bias choice from top carriers worldwide. P2CM operates as an offsite advisory, brokerage, and management firm, complementing our clients’ internal IT personnel or IT department.

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What services can you provide for our business?

P2CM offers superior telecom service management and consulting for businesses in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast corridor. We make your telecommunications effortless, reliable and affordable on a project or ongoing management basis.

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Do we sign a contract with you?

Sometimes companies require our professional assistance for specific tasks such as managed installation for an office move, technology service assessments, or contract renegotiation for services we do not manage. For these types of engagements, the client signs an agreement directly with us and we bill for time and materials. If we serve as your telecom brokerage and management agency, then your agreement will not be with us. It will be directly with your carrier(s).

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Can I get better pricing by going through a direct sales rep from the provider?

We negotiate better deals than anyone. We cost less to the service providers than even their own inside sales reps, so the carriers are incentivized to work with us and have more flexibility to provide additional savings to our clients.

Service providers terms and conditions are often one-sided, are they the same if we use P2CM?

Your contracts with service providers are sure to have the most favorable language and terms possible under our commission.

What if our business has a service or billing issue with a provider we selected through P2CM?

We continue as your advocate for the life of the contract and deal directly with the carriers on your behalf should you encounter any billing or service issues. P2CM is available for round-the-clock support.

If we need additional services from the provider we selected through P2CM, who do we call?
How do you know which carriers offer the best service and performance?

We rate each service provider every quarter. Our rating is based on:

  1. How the install process goes,
  2. Customer service,
  3. Billing accuracy,
  4. Mean time to repair an issue, and
  5. Responsiveness.

Each carrier is graded on a scale of 1 (F) to 5 (A) in these five areas, and we share our ratings with our clients. Carriers are aware of our system and are motivated to serve our clients well.

If most of your services are free, how does P2CM make money?

The way we get paid is similar to profit sharing. When we serve as your telecom brokerage and management agency, we make a small percentage of the overall cost of your services and we are paid directly by the carriers.

Why should we work with P2CM?

We are completely carrier agnostic and sit on your side of the desk. We negotiate your deal as if we were buying it ourselves.

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