Customer Experience Outsource Consulting

Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Customer Experience with CX Outsourcing

CX leaders often rely on technology to drive results from their CX programs and overlook the importance of the people using those tools.

You need a plan for the people part of your CX, including processes, workforce planning/optimization, and outsourcing strategies. This is particularly important in the current climate where CX and digital transformation are essential, but companies are required to control IT costs.

Along with cost containment, CX leaders are faced with an ongoing shortage of skilled personnel. Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey 2022 found that 50% of executives identify talent acquisition as a key challenge.

Bridgepointe’s unique approach to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is designed to address both cost containment and staffing challenges head on.

We’ve worked closely with hundreds of clients to help them with their Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for their contact centers including operations management, workforce management, training, quality assurance and more.

In a tight economy, outsourcing offers a way to reduce costs while improving CX. Our clients typically experience a 15-20% reduction in operating costs and a 50% savings in new employee training expenses by outsourcing.

CX Outsource Consulting with Decades of Hands-On Experience

Whether you’re looking to drive cost savings, improve customer satisfaction or want to stay on top of the latest tech trends and platforms, Bridgepointe CXaaS can help.

We have decades of experience managing and outsourcing contact centers and specialize in cutting through the noise around outsourcing. We’ll work with you to identify your short and long-term priorities and make the best recommendation for your organization.

With our certified BPO providers you can quickly improve the CX at every touchpoint. Our contact center BPOs partners are experts in KPI performance tracking, management and quality assurance with a focus on reducing customer friction, in turn, improving customer satisfaction.

CX Outsource Consulting Capabilities:

  • Certified BPO Supplier ProgramRapid BPO Supplier Identification
  • Existing BPO Supplier Evaluation
  • End-to-End BPO Strategy Development
  • Vendor Management Office (VMO) Optimization
  • Vendor Management Office (VMO) Services
  • Custom Solutions