Generally speaking, less regulation is usually good for businesses and consumers. Eliminating road blocks to innovation usually spurs more advanced technology services for businesses and consumers alike.

Donald Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet, but Net Neutrality advocates are already bracing for a fight to “save the Internet” again.

Trump has named 3 individuals as advisors for his “landing team” to handle the transition process at the FCC. These individuals that Trump appointed have ignited concerns over the Pro Net Neutrality community, coupled with Trump’s limited commentary on the matter only adds to that fear.

In February 2015, the FCC approved rules that require Internet service providers to treat traffic from all web services and apps equally. The goal is to prevent what some see as a terrible scenario: Internet providers like Comcast and Verizon being able to speed up content from a service like Netflix in exchange for a fee or slow it down to make it less competitive. However, others argue that Net Neutrality has backfired and frequently work against the entrepreneurs and consumers the rules are intended to help.

Net Neutrality supporters have enjoyed the backing of President Obama and the FCC’s Democratic majority, but that could change when Trump is sworn in. It is unclear whether Trump’s FCC will push to scrap Net Neutrality as we know it, or simply rethink the most controversial part of the rules: the decision to reclassify and regulate broadband providers as a public utility.

If you are a fan of Net Neutrality, the good news is that Comcast is required to honor net neutrality until 2018 under the terms of its merger with NBC Universal acquisition in 2011, and Charter is bound by a similar obligation until 2023 under the terms of its acquisition of Time-Warner Cable this year.

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