I know, only 10 perks, right?  Trust me, we could list many more, but I felt 10 was a good round number.  Companies rely on data and phone-based operations for productivity and overall competitiveness. Because we know that to be true, it’s very common to see companies working with multiple voice and data providers who supply them with the different streams of connections they need to keep up the pace. However, utilizing multiple providers can result in inconsistent services and out of control costs. Plus, it’s hard to keep up with all those points of contact.  There is another choice… When a business enlists an Independent Telecom Communications Advisor (*ahem cough cough*), the advisor will do all the leg work, present the company’s best options, then work with the carrier(s) to provision the agreed-upon solution on the company’s behalf.  I’m pretty sure I just listed a few benefits, but here are the 10 perks I originally intended to highlight:

  • Gain access to unlimited options – You will have access to the best carrier options for your company’s needs. Your Telecom Communications Advisor will filter the optimum telecom, VoIP and Cloud providers based on your specific needs and their strengths.
  • Maintain greater leverage – The best Telecom Communications Advisors develop strong relationships with the Cloud, VoIP and Telecom Carriers which come in handy when negotiating pricing, mediating terms & conditions, and resolving issues.
  • Communicate with a single point of contact – You’ll have one “throat to choke,” which will result in less finger-pointing and fewer headaches for your business.
  • Avoid trouble – Telecom Communications Advisors work for their clients, not the providers. They determine the best solutions and steer their clients away from problematic products and services.
  • Eliminate the pressure of carrier salespeople – Going direct to the carrier also means dealing with a one-track minded sales rep. These people have quotas to fill, but Telecom Communications Advisors do not.
  • Develop a long-term relationship – Direct carrier sales reps frequently change companies, so you’re likely to talk to a new person every time. Telecom Communications Advisors are vested in their own businesses and can be counted on to stick around.
  • Enlist a trusted advisor – A Telecom Communications Advisor acts as an extension of your team that will help guide you with solid recommendations tailored to your company’s goals. They will always sit on your side of the table during negotiations.
  • Save time – By outsourcing your Cloud, VoIP and Telecom integration tasks, you save countless hours you would have spent strategizing, vetting the various providers, and negotiating contracts.
  • Focus on what you do best – We live in a specialized world. Adding another expert to your team will allow you to focus on your core business responsibilities.
  • Stay current on technology – Telecom Communications Advisors keep their fingers on the pulse of evolving Cloud, VoIP and Telecom technologies, so you’re always aware of the next best thing and can leverage the right solutions.

At P2 Communications Management (P2CM), we understand that choosing the right communications solutions can be overwhelming, time consuming and stressful.  We know you will benefit from working with an Independent Communications Advisor, and we hope you’ll choose us! Contact us at (703) 939-8240 or sales@p2cm.com to learn how we can help.