You DO know about OPTM?! Then you get a gold star because you are in the 1% club! If you don’t know what OPTM stands for, you are among the great majority. But not so fast, before I explain what OPTM means, I will tell you what it is not.

You won’t find it on a financial report or as an expense line item on a balance sheet. There is nobody in charge of the OPTM department and there isn’t anyone in procurement who knows how to buy it, where it comes from, or how much it costs. Even though OPTM exists in every layer of your company or organization, not even the President or CEO can grab a hold of it.

OPTM is responsible for more waste in business than any other factor. OPTM is the reason that good, logical, and cost-effective policies and procedures go unimplemented and fail to thrive. OPTM stymies response to competition, diminishes worker productivity and blunts creativity. The financial losses due to OPTM far exceed theft, employee and vendor fraud, breakage and accounting errors COMBINED.

OPTM not only thrives in, but also causes employee apathy among even your most tenured team members. OPTM is the creator of “it’s not my job,” poor workmanship, and employees calling in sick when they just want a day off. It silently metastasizes into the psyche of good, hardworking employees who end up turning a blind eye to cost cutting or revenue-driving ideas and efforts.

Have you guessed it yet? OPTM is not a product, a process, or a department. It is a mentality. OPTM (Other People’s Telecom Money) is a very dangerous, hurtful and costly state of mind that strips away resources and productivity from your company. If you own a business, then “Other People” is you. Rare is the individual who treats the assets of others as his/her own. Rarer still is the individual who increases the value of the assets entrusted to them.

If you can mitigate this OPTM threat properly, then you will see HUGE improvements in all areas of your business. Better still, the most obvious benefits will become visible in your bottom line.

P2 Communications Management can nip your OPTM problem in the bud. Call us today and allow us to independently review your communications services.  We are in the business of taking care of OPTM, and we care about yours.