Most companies don’t realize big savings are there for the taking. Research shows that 80% of companies pay above-market rates and 57% of businesses do not compare Voice/VoIP, Internet or high speed Data WAN solutions to current industry benchmarks for best pricing.

Companies don’t significantly reduce communications costs because they:

  • Don’t know market pricing
  • Have no leverage with carriers
  • Don’t understand the magnitude of savings possible
  • Don’t realize how easy it is to achieve the savings
  • Are not aware of the low risk and high return that comes from working with an independent communications service advisor

Let’s dive a little deeper… On average, companies can save 20-30% per year on their telecommunications services. It’s true! When we explain this to business owners and CEOs, their reason for missing out is relayed to us in one of these four reasons:

Reason #1 – “We already have people who do that and they are on top of it.”While most companies do have personnel responsible for managing their voice, data and internet, it is most certainly only one of that person’s many job responsibilities. Unlike an independent communications service advisor, company employees are not entrenched in the market. They don’t deal with telecom services and carriers day in and day out, so the main problem is they don’t know what they don’t know.

Reason #2 – “We’re big.  We get the best pricing already.”I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found this to be incorrect.  In fact, I’ve often discovered the reality to be the exact opposite where the business is paying far and above market rates. There is little correlation between the size of the company’s total communications spend and a deal that a carrier offers a company. Carrier representatives may even see your company as an opportunity to offer a higher rate first because they perceive your organization to be less concerned with driving down the costs of these services (After all, telecom is a necessary expense!). Therefore, the vast size of your company can actually work to your disadvantage.

Reason #3 – “We just did it.”  – The telecom marketplace is dynamic.  If you conducted a savings analysis even 12 months ago, it may be time to consider doing it again. Plus, if the analysis completed was not conducted by a trusted industry expert, your services contract(s) may not be fully optimized with significant dollars left on the table.

Reason #4 – “We’re in great shape.” – Honestly ask yourself, “What backs up this premise?” You may also ask yourself, “What is the harm in checking?” Let us (or someone else you trust) do an independent audit of your communications services contract(s). It doesn’t take much of your time at all, and you have a high potential of saving a significant amount of money while increasing your service efficiency.

Who doesn’t want a passive way of saving money? By allowing P2 Communications Management to look at your current communications contracts for the purposes of optimizing your service value, you are taking the first step to do just that. It doesn’t cost you anything.

If this is something you are open to exploring, contact us at (703) 939-8240 or to schedule an appointment.