I know what you’re thinking. “Do I have to choose?” Clearly neither of these events are pleasant.

Hurricanes are disruptive forces that can cripple people’s lives, destroy infrastructure, and stop businesses and commerce if you don’t have the right resources to recover quickly. We saw this happen with Hurricane Harvey in Houston and in Florida with Hurricane Irma.

Cyber security breaches, like the most recent Equifax breach, can yield similar devastation. Over 1/3 of the American population (143 million) was exposed due to the breach. Some experts are suggesting the numbers could be even higher.

Two different attacks, but they both have the same attributes as it pertains to disruption of livelihood and potential devastating consequences. Of the two, we would have to say that hurricanes are worse due to the physical harm they can impose resulting in loss of life. However, both can be highly damaging. The good news is there are ways protect yourself and your businesses from being figuratively swept away by natural or man-made disasters.

So how do businesses try to mitigate these events?

A good business continuity plan must be discussed and implemented if you want to avoid potential fatal implications and keep your business running even if your physical location sustains damages. Today’s technology offers a plethora of options, but we want to make things simple for you. Here are a couple suggestions that can save you time, money and your sanity if you put both in place before a crisis.

  1. Hosted VoIP/Cloud phone systems offer companies huge benefits.
    • Immediate call rerouting/redirecting “On Demand.”
    • High availability access to customers and employees.
    • Work from anywhere options via softphone applications/mobile devices.
    • Your data, employee profiles and call logs are stored offsite, reducing risk of hackers stealing your data.
    • Calls are encrypted from the handset into a secure network for optimal cloud phone security.
    • Unlike legacy systems, which stay onsite and present challenges to security implementation or natural disasters, cloud phone systems hold data at arm’s length from anyone but you.
    • Communicate and collaborate easily with unlimited, anytime access and management of all features, services and functionalities of a hosted cloud phone service via an online portal.
  1. Managed Security and Backup services exist today as a complete “as a service” offering.
    • Melding Machine and Human Intelligence.
    • Monitors the Dark Web for “chatter” which will reduce compromises.
    • IVS – Integrated Vulnerability Scanner
    • SIM – Security Incident Management tools
    • IDS – Intrusion Detection System which will protect against attacks.
    • Backs up your data and important files in the event of a Ransomware breach. Restores quickly.

The average business loses $5,000 per hour when operations are down. Can your business withstand that cost? Don’t find out! Opt to keep your business running, and your data backed-up and secure by implementing these two precautions.

Helping customers wade through the murky waters of uncertainty and mitigating risk is what we do for our customers at P2 Management Communications. Don’t let hurricanes or cyber security breaches stop your business because there is something you can do to protect yourself. To learn more about what you can do or how we can help, call us at 703-391-2172 or email sales@p2cm.com.