At the beginning of each year, I like to reflect on the state of technology and predict those trends that will be in the forefront for the year to come. In 2017, we saw a rise in many great technology solutions for small and midsize businesses such as Hosted VoIP phone solutions (which continue to skyrocket in popularity), business intelligence, artificial intelligence applications, and an overall increase in the adoption of Cloud Technology. In addition, other established technologies have continued their domination of the industry. What can small and midsize businesses expect to see in the technology race for 2018?

Here are the top three technologies to consider for investment in 2018:

Hosted VoIP Phone Solutions
Just as in 2017, I predict Hosted VoIP will continue to catapult in popularity for small and midsize businesses throughout 2018.  Let’s face it, Hosted VoIP solutions result in fewer expenses, especially in the form of repairs and downtime, often imposed by legacy systems’ in-house maintenance. In fact, zero maintenance costs equates to real dollars saved for the SMB market while also affording those companies the ability to scale up or down quickly. The built-in disaster recovery provided as a result of  having your infrastructure protected in a secure environment means that –Should an event occur such as a severe storm, fire or power outage –Your flow of communications can continue even in an emergency.

Intelligent Analytics
Analytics have become an increasingly important part of doing business. This is because the availability of data, and software that allows for the analysis of that data, creates an environment for making better business decisions. By taking a carefully crafted deep dive into the numbers behind goods or services, organizations can make greater profits and eliminate inefficiencies in never-before-seen ways. Think of it like “trimming the fat,” so to speak. These intelligent analytics can also be used to find new and more lucrative business ventures or revenue streams. Businesses that want to reap the most benefit from their data will invest in business intelligence strategies to glean important insights.

Cloud Technology
The cloud retains its importance as one of the best ways to take full advantage of modern technology. No matter what type of business applications are released in the future, the cloud will remain one of the best ways to access them. In a secure digital workspace, IT personnel can confidently maintain high security, while also providing users with the best possible access to their workspace. In other words, IT gets full visibility and control while users enjoy the level of access they need to get their work done. The cloud offers dynamic access to business-critical computing constructs and applications that business owners will want to utilize because they offer cost-reduction and other benefits.

How do you plan on using technology for your business in 2018? Need assistance forming a plan? To learn more about your options, reach out to P2 Communications Management at or 703-391-2172.