Short answer: No way! Your IT professionals can’t be everything to everyone and they are often tasked with responsibilities that pull them away from their core competency and expertise. The biggest challenge arises in determining the most important initiatives that will best utilize your team.

Here are three reasons why you are better off having an outside company handle your mobility program management:

1)     Mobility is always changing

This is true on both the provider side as well as the user side. It will take extra time and effort for your team to keep up-to-date on the nuances that outside consultants know readily as they are providing mobility management services to clients on a regular basis. Plus, if your team does not take the time to keep up with the changing environment, it can (and will) cost your business significant money.

2)    Carriers don’t make it easy

It’s no secret that carriers don’t make their invoices or service options easy to understand. In fact, most providers have reduced the level of customer service that they offer to business customers. So, companies either accept the frustration and inefficiency that it produces, or expect their IT staff to take on the responsibility. This is a waste of time for your internal staff, and you are better off hiring experts whose job inherently allows them to keep up with this information while also providing better access to carriers. This way, your mobility program will not compete for your IT team’s valuable time and resources AND you will get the results you need more quickly.

3)      You want the best ROI

At the end of the day all business decisions are about a return on investment. IT is strategic and mobile management activities are tactical. What would you rather have your IT talent focus on?…Impactful IT technology that will grow and streamline your business processes or reviewing invoices, negotiating contracts, verifying costs, developing reports, and managing inventories?

Continually investing money into developing the people, processes, and tools to manage your corporate mobility is not a good use of finite resources. However, ignoring one of your largest operating expenses within your IT budget will surely mean substantial money will be left on the table.

In today’s environment businesses need to leverage technology to its fullest to drive maximum business value. Part of that is realizing what tasks your IT team can (and should) handle in house, and what is better left to outside experts. The growing importance of mobility to business, combined with the dynamic nature of mobility environments, make corporate mobility program management an ideal initiative to be outsourced to industry experts.

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