Valentine’s Day has me thinking about what I love most about technology. But as I was reflecting, I realized that what I love most, is also what I hate most. Maybe you can relate? Here are the top two things I LOVE and HATE about technology:


How awesome is it that you can be connected to everyone at all times? If there’s something you need from someone, you can email them. If you have an emergency, you can text them. Business owners love that mobility allows their employees to work from ANYWHERE –all the time. The worst news is you can work from anywhere  –ALL. THE. TIME. Mobility promotes business productivity, but it can also be destructive to your mental health if you haven’t learned to strike a proper balance. All of us need to make sure we have time free of our devices to make and keep the real genuine connections we have in our lives.

Social Media

Social media allows us to share our lives, our interests, even our favorite recipes on any and all of our favorite social networks.  We feel instant gratification when we get a like or a comment on a post. It is energizing to see our influence growing, and we didn’t even have to pay anything for this platform. Sounds great, right? Except, we’ve learned there really is a cost. Social networks are collecting our very valuable user data and no one knows what they may be using it for or who they may be selling it to. Not to mention the recent security breaches of some of these companies.

Social media can help us stay in contact family, even when we live far away. It can also facilitate online friendships through shared interests. But security breaches aren’t the only danger. What you post can have devastating consequences. For example, you shouldn’t tell anyone you are leaving for a vacation. It’s even too risky to mention the name of your kid’s school.

You’re probably thinking, “Now Dan, it sounds like you don’t really like mobility or social media at all.” The truth is, I love it, but I also love to turn it off.

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